Benefits of consolidating servers

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Benefits of consolidating servers

As discussed in benefit #2, applications that used to take days or weeks to provision are now done in minutes.

Because there are very few license deployments to manage, usage statistics are usually gathered and analyzed; the result is that efficiency of software usage, measured in turns per day or engineers per license, always shows improvement in the consolidated server environment.Server virtualization brings positive transformations, such as reduced hardware costs, improved server provisioning and deployment, better disaster recovery solutions, efficient and economic use of energy, and increased staff productivity.Still, it may seem like a daunting task to move to a virtual infrastructure, and without proper expertise it can be!At an economic stance, the benefits of server virtualization are focused on cost savings because it allows multiple applications to be installed on a single physical server. Reduced Hardware Costs It is said that humans theoretically only use 10% of their brain command; most of the servers in a strictly physical environment are heavily under-utilized, using an estimated 5-15% of their capacity.When you implement a virtualized server / cloud computing approach, hardware utilization is increased because one physical server can now hold multiple virtual machines.

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And with those staff usually comes adherence to standards, adoption of best practices and 24 x 7 coverage.3) The final result may not be immediately obvious but is well supported by those best in class organizations that serve licenses from a small number of license servers.

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