Barberie dating

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Barberie dating

In addition she was a character on TV that was liked by many and despised by an even greater many.She talked about her boobs, sex, her husband, more sex in fact she prided herself on being both a mother and a whore in her connotations that I can remember and it is for this reason she came to be greatly disliked by many who tuned in. The catalyst title falls to a slightly older woman named Dorothy who billed herself as a church mom and prided herself on that while acting like a “Raisin on Steroids,” at the very least and an old tramp on the other.If it is an extension of the news that means FOX runs news all morning long with viewers coming and going rapidly.

See, if you get in Julie’s way she just gives you her “Ka Chang! Granted the former two co-hostesses Both deserved to be gone, what GDLA has become is just reading the news, using an entertainer show host to do it. could have been a full blown entertainment venue attracting and holding viewers for two hours, packed with a lot on a schedule. Because the execs at KTTV are delusional if they think they are advancing viewership with what they are doing now. Where there used to be three hours of viewers, ain’t happening any more. Take Jillian Barberie Reynolds trying to salvage a Ca Rear she helped kill, namingly hers.She used to have it made, GDLA a morning talk show host co-anchor, the NFL gig, a Dating show, and on and on and on. But what is sad here is that it didn’t have to come down to her hocking diet products on the weekend, groveling for any ex-hasbeen celebrity to join the commercial, like some fat old bold person, yeah that helps people want to stop eating…right! Now her sniper husband is off shooting Hadjis in the desert supposedly for Obama’s gang and she is stuck with the kids and a weekend gig.Be better than what you portrayed yourself as the trashy, raunchy slut on TV obnoxiously speaking over others. Julie Chang on the other hand is sinking faster into Luceyisms than a turd swirling counterclockwise in a non-clogged Kohler toilet. Julie is smart, funky, pretty and talented, she is also a heavyweight at Newscorp and I suspect ( yes I suspect ) a darling of Mister Rupert Murdoch or at least the Newscorp execs. Flailing arms, eyes rolling, popped cleavage and a smoking hot attitude that says Rupert may be behind me and Ka Chang has a license to pop on KTTV at any time. Maria Quiban, well I won’t tell Mister E that tall Hawaiians scare me, though Quiban does do a good Hula, she put that blog in its place :p As for Julie, you are safe for now with big daddy’s protection, but be wary, the public viewers are worn out from the last lady anchoring that seat and you say where she went. Then Julie Chang and Lauren got into it and it seemed possible it would get completely out of hand.That means more or less hands off if you work for FOX or its affiliate KTTV. Other then some gossip and not much at that, GDLA struggled on as a mere extension of the early morning news through mid morning.

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They get tired it seems of Maria Sansone, and they read a face of a tired host who has witnessed all sorts of stupid changes. Sorry Araksya nothing personal, just the way it is honey!

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