Asset intelligence catalog not updating No cc talk and hookup

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Asset intelligence catalog not updating

The idea being that you can add basic details as soon as the item arrives and then let AD & SCCM connectors add more detailed information as the device gets onto the network.In fact this is acutally the guid for the enumeration list value "Scanner".I posted a while ago about the management pack I was working on to satisfy our requirements for where I work. Management What I didn't do was get it finished as quick as I hoped to.Well I'm nearly there now and after replying to a forum thread about this, I thought I'd best post an update here as well.

Note SCCM users should note that SCUP catalogs can’t deliver anything but a generic installer.Note It may also be useful to understand the differences between quarterly updates, out of cycle patches, and the possible file types.While SCUP catalogs provide a way to automate installs, you should understand what gets installed and why.Why it's putting the guid in instead of the friendly name I don't know, but I'm hoping to get a call logged with MS tomorrow to see if they can shed any light.We are pleased to announce preview availability of SDKs for the Cognitive Serivces - Bing Search APIs.

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Other supported deployment methods include bootstrapper and AIP.

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