Are ellen page and alexander skarsgard dating

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Are ellen page and alexander skarsgard dating

Although the Hays Code was replaced in 1968 and gay marriage has been legal for a year and a half, the drivers behind an individual choosing to beard (avoiding public scrutiny that would result in blackballing/loss of income, fear of rejection by family and friends, etc.) remain.In 2013, Ellen Page filmed “The East” with Alexander Skarsgard.Many people have claimed that Whitney Houston once dated her best friend Robyn Crawford, and her ex-husband Bobby Brown himself in his 2008 autobiography implied that Houston had used him as a beard to avoid speculation about her sexuality, but only Houston knew the full truth.Conversely, Sarah Paulson had only dated men before embarking on a relationship with actress Cherry Jones and then Holland Taylor, but as she identifies as bisexual, there’s no reason to believe her previous male partners, including playwright Tracy Letts, to whom she was engaged, were beards.To me, it looks more like a father is kissing his trucker toddler daughter goodbye before she has to go out and make deliveries in her rideable Tonka Truck.That picture still doesn’t really prove anything and I’m waiting for Zal Batmanglij to tell us what’s really going on.But does bearding in Hollywood continue in this decade?

Page Six had reported Thursday that they had gone on a blind date, accompanied by two of her girlfriends."Alex and Toni just recently met each other but there is no romance," the source said. "Looking to the future, I was like, 'At some point I'd like a family, and I can't float around forever,' and I've already got my family and wanted to be closer to my parents and siblings, who are based in England.

The last time was in May; they were photographed walking in Manhattan and also leaving a 2017 Met Gala after-party in the city."No one cheated on anyone," a source told E! "It was a clean breakup that was caused by busy schedules and distance.

They really did love each other and were pretty serious. Nothing is going on with them." magazine that was posted in June, Chung did talk vaguely about starting a family while discussing her recent move from New York to London, where she launched her fashion label Alexachung."It's not that 30 is old, but it's a point at which you reflect on life.

Even after all the “double bearding” blind items, the pictures of them at a Stanley Cup finals game and the pictures of them cuddling at a premiere, I never believed that either Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page were a real couple or that publicists were trying to pass them off as a real couple, but apparently it’s happening. For those of you hoping that now that Kristen Stewart is single she’s going to bump greasy hipster ‘ginas with Ellen Page, keep hoping. The Daily Mail says that ASkars and Ellen have been dating for about a year and this past weekend the director of their movie The East, Zal Batmanglij, tweeted a picture of them “looking more in love than ever” while hanging out in a park in San Francisco.

The “looking more in love than ever” words came from the Daily Mail.

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