Ambiguous dating

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Ambiguous dating

Not as a way for lawyers and judges to meet potential partners, but with profiles and messages used as evidence of people’s identity, behaviour or intentions.

Yet people are rarely completely honest and upfront when it comes to dating, especially with the added anonymity of the internet.

The classic scenario involves the guy who doesn’t appear to care, while the girl drives herself crazy trying to figure out what’s going on.

It might work for one half of the people in the room, but for the other half it can be torture.

Almost worse than couples who don’t admit they want to be romantic are single dates that don’t have an obvious purpose.Ruth too in Ruth 2 v 13, says she was comfortable with Boaz.I believe if you find a partner that you are spiritually and physically comfortable during dating , you should be serious like Boaz says in Ruth 2 v 8 , "Glean no further than this relationship".I prefer the Ruth/Boaz - in Ruth 2 vs 13 and Isaac / Rebecca type of relationship in Genesis 24 v 67, the straight forward type.Isaac never played with Rebecca emotions when she was introduced to him by Eleazer, Isaac took her because He was comforted by her.

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