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When my friend went to get food for his children, he never came back (water in a river).

My man is always surrounded by spears (the tongue, surrounded by teeth).

In the Luganda language, the singular form of Baganda is Muganda .

Like many other African languages, Luganda is tonal, meaning that some words are differentiated by pitch.

Traditionally, the Kabaka ruled over a hierarchy of chiefs who collected taxes in the form of food and livestock.

Portions were distributed through the hierarchy, eventually reaching the Kabaka's palace in the form of tribute (taxes).

Between 19, the Ugandan national government abolished all kingdoms.

In 1993, the national government reinstated the Kabakaship (kingship) by permitting the coronation of Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II as the thirty-sixth king of the Baganda.

The most significant legend involves Kintu, the first Kabaka (king).In one test Kintu was asked to identify his own cow in a herd, a difficult task since there were many cows like his own.By chance, a bee told Kintu to choose the cow on whose horns he would alight.Words that are spelled the same may carry different meanings according to their pitch.Luganda is rich in metaphor and in proverbs and folktales.

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Another version of this game involves inserting the letter z after each syllable containing a vowel, followed by the vowel in that syllable.