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Jim always guzzled down the pumped milk later, but he naturally preferred it warm and straight from the source.

That preference and the hassle of pumping meant that Jim and Julia were never apart for very long, and they always found the time to sneak away for a private moment when it was time to nurse.

His mother, Julia, did her best to raise him on her own, but she knew that she could never be mother and father to her precious Jimmy.

Jamie was able to connect with Julia in a way that Jim never could, and she started spending more and more time as Jamie around the house, gradually developing a full-fledged mother-daughter relationship.

Of course, there were other, physical changes in Julia due to her choice of lifestyle.

Breastmilk is a matter of supply and demand, and with Jim's demand only growing over time, Julia's supply was forced to keep pace.

As Jaime's persona became more established, a gradual shift towards only nursing while en femme took place.

It was Jaime's idea at first, but in truth Julia was quite relieved, as she'd begun to feel a little awkward about breastfeeding her growing son.

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The two of them had a long conversation that night about why Jim was dressing in his mother's clothes, and Jim admitted to having done so for some time because of his curiosity in what it was like to be a woman.