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They pull together the cash needed, and everything is going well until Anezka resurfaces and exposes Petra. He developed a problem with alcohol sometime as a teenager, but is now sober and attends AA meetings.After Hannah sleeps over at his place in All Adventurous Women Do, he comforts her after she finds out she has HPV.He then becomes defensive though when she claims that she probably got the virus from him, and says he was just recently tested for it.While visiting her parent's in The Return, Hannah ends up calling Adam.He seems to be genuinely interested in what she's doing, and misses her.

She gives him an ultimatum over whether he wants to be her boyfriend and they leave together in a cab with Marnie.But first, he storms into Darci’s sonogram appointment and accidentally broadcasts her vagina to his millions of Instagram followers.Then when Rogelio goes to make peace with Darci, she goes into labor. * Luisa needs cash, and she needs it bad because she’s got to put 0 million in Sin Rosetro’s Caymans account. As a result, he’s shirtless – or in a tank top – for most of the episode. Now Michael’s letter has brought the former couple back together, restoring Jane’s faith in “meant to be.” Adult Adam is more mature, says all the right things and makes Jane smile in a way that she hasn’t in a very long time.Plus, he’s an illustrator, so he and Jane go together like peanut butter and jelly. Too bad Jane can’t ignore her feelings for Rafael, who’s moved in with the Villanuevas after getting kicked out of the hotel by Luisa.

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Meanwhile, Rafael assures Petra that he absolutely wants to be with her, and she accepts with a kiss.

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  1. If you will explain him things like equality of man and woman in life and relations he will think this is some silly foreign rave. In Venezuelan family man not only rules, but also does all what he wants to do and wife has to take it for granted.